Catalogue Restoration Services

The Great Film Archives Team works with the Blue Pie Productions Restoration and Archive Management Team to provide a full service 360 degree archive management services offering for the global digital music markets.

Artwork requirements from all the digital music retailer and streaming services for music albums have all changed over the past 10 years. In the ever changing digital age consumers are now listening to music via their home entertainment systems and the screens that display the album credits now require artwork to in a high definition format and at a minimum format of 3000×3000 DPI in Jpeg formats.

The process of restoring damaged or very old artwork from vinyl records starts with securing a good high definition scan of the respective title. Once this has been completed the source artwork files are then checked by the artwork team and the restoration and retouching process can begin.

Often when we are restoring albums we will need to do deep GOOGLE searches to see what the original album may have looked like. In todays digital world most of the album artworks have been loaded to the internet in one form or another. This along with the scans we create of the original artwork allow us to create as good as new and in some case better than the original artwork. In this brochure you will find examples of some of the many artworks that have been created over the past 12 months.

If you have restoration and retouching artwork requirements then please feel free to email and ask for the team to send you a proposal and quote. You can also download the PDF services brochure from Blue Pie Productions below.

The Archives Restoration Services Team

Catalogue Restoration Services Brochure

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